Friday, 18 September 2009

Welcome to Fix That Game!

So maintaining DVDs and CDs everywhere sucks, everyone hates a clutter. You bought the game, you spilled your hard earned cash into it, you misplace that DVD and you're screwed. So you run to the internet and all you find are weird "cracks" and "patches" with so many "scene" names attached to them you can almost hear the feds list them to you in the interrogations room.

Call them "No-CD" files, call them "Fixed-EXEs", sure, that sounds more legit. But who cares? You just wanna put something safe on your PC and just get that game working. You've never used Daemon Tools? StarF*cker? Uhmmm, that uhhh, other program..?
No problems, I'll give you step-by-step instructions tailored to each newly released game and sometimes old games too. And when i say step by step i MEAN step by mother-frickin' step. None of that "Ensure decimal value beta is set to nil" crap, partially because I've never seen that statement in Daemon but mostly because I don't even know what that means.

Press Ctrl+D, save the bookmark/favorite and Keep an eye on the blog for new instructions every new release.


**N.B.: I should note, and I know this is boring sh#t but I must get this out of the way, that I do not in anyway condone piracy and will not help you with anything in the same vein. I am only here to help you maintain a tidier desk and to be able to jump in and play your OWN legally obtained games on your PC.**

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