Saturday, 19 September 2009

A few tools you will appreciate

Here are a few things you will always need to look out for:

- If the file name ends with .rar, .zip, or .7z , you need a program like WinRar . Click the link, click download and find the version you need. Or, here's a link if you're too lazy: Click Me!

- As a general rule of thumb, release groups like RAZOR1911 or whatever their name is and RELOADED provide very good NO-CD files. However, there's always the risk that downloading anything from a Torrent site will make you look weird, but what've you got to worry about? You have the original DVD, right? At least the box? No? Uhmmm...
Anyway, I'll link you to the files per game, but only under the mutual understanding that you will not use it illegally, ok?

- You'll need Daemon tools or Alcohol 120% for mini-images. I'll explain what mini-images are when you need to use them.

- Use utorrent to get the NO-CD files off torrent sites, if you so choose at your own risk. More on just getting the files you need without the illegal files included with it later.

- Always update video and sound card drivers. I cannot stress this hard enough. I'll guide you through that too in upcoming posts.

Got all those down? good, let's get to fixin' those games.

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