Sunday, 29 August 2010

CRYSIS Cheapness, What The Hell??!!

So the other day I said to myself, I'm a PC gamer and I haven't played Crysis.. That's a BIG mistake. It'd be like being a metal guitarist and never playing Sabbath. Or a hooker that doesn't do rim-jobs..
Oh wait..

Anyway, I pops it in, and WHAT the F#CK..

Ok fine, Crytek, your game's fucking gorgeous.
You know what's not gorgeous? Getting pseudo-sniped by Koreans wielding primitive AK-47-like spray guns. Seriously, these guys have hyper-telescopic vision that even your super-suit can't provide.


Just update the game.

I'm serious.. Just go and find the update. Aww heck I'll just link you:

Now they'll feel more like a third-world style army, and you can feel good with your superior, extremely unfair advantage in firepower and tech.


Now whip that Crysis box back out and go be a racist f#cker.. :D